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A green roof (also called a “cool roof”) reflects the heat of the sun back to the sky – preventing it from passing through to the interior of your building below. You can see why the government ENERGY STAR® program estimates that you may see energy savings averaging 25% and as high as 50% when you install a "green" roof. You can also see why it is the perfect choice for commercial, industrial, or municipal buildings as well as hospitals, schools or churches.

Our exclusive products:

In fact, our Topps Seal® product line and our TPO product line are both proven to reduce rooftop temperatures by as much as 50°F (30°C) or more. Less heat on top means less heat to radiate inside your building, thus driving down cooling demand. Elimination of solar radiation also protects your roof from thermal movement - the most common cause of roof failure and premature breakdown.

The top three ways in which a green roof pays for itself

  1. Because of the durability of the roofing systems, over the life cycle of the roof your annual utility savings can exceed the price of the product.
  2. In addition, because of the leak resistance, weather-proofing and seamlessness, maintenance expenditures are nearly zero and repair expenses are few. The roof lasts longer because UV deterioration is minimal.
  3. Initial installation costs for retrofitting or coating a roof are lower. Generally, a single-ply polymer membrane is applied over an existing flat roof, metal roof, or TPO/PVC. There is no labor cost for tear off – a third form of savings that a green roof “gives back”.

Did we mention it looks amazing?

Whether you choose a TPO solid white membrane, or one of our TOPPS products, they all have a a high-quality, highly attractive "curb-appeal" appearance. It looks clean, modern and seamless.

In business and industry, reflectivity and cool roofing are in demand. There are green building LEED credits available and even local tax incentives.

A so-called “high performing Green Roof" has five standards to meet… all of which benefit you. Mandatory energy savings is only the first of the standards. The others are durability, cost, engineering and ecology.

Durability not only benefits your bottom line, but it ensures the amount of time the materials last. The longer they last the less energy is expended to manufacture replacements, and to transport materials.

Cost cannot be prohibitive in a high-performance roof, or else no one will invest. Because a modern green roof is cost-effective, it meets the test.

Engineering must be solid; that is, the roofing system has to deliver on its intent. It also has to be readily installable, designed based on sound principles, and manufacture-able. It complies with building codes and green building standards.

Ecology is intertwined with all of the above. An example of meeting the high standard is that a metal retrofit or roof coating is installed over an existing roof. There is no landfill disposal of an old roof.

We have been installing and fixing roofs in the West Texas Panhandle and in New Mexico since 1995. We are proud to be a leader in the "green" roof movement.