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When's The Last Time You Inspected Your Roof?

In West Texas Weather, You Must Inspect Your Roof
Every Year…MINIMUM.

Commercial Roof Inspection

It's sad, but true. Most commercial property owners never check their roofs for problems. In fact, about the only time property owners think about their roof is when they actually see a problem... and by then it's too late.

You see, by the time you see any outward manifestation of a problem, the damage has already been done. This damage can sometimes run into the ten's of thousands of dollars. Just ask anyone who has ever had to do a roof replacement or mold remediation.

If you've heard me say it once, you've heard me say it a thousand times—roofs are complicated. You simply just can't ignore your roof and hope for the best. Not in West Texas. Our weather is brutal. Between tornadoes and hail the size of golf balls, our roofs take a beating. And if even one area of your roof was damaged it can cause a cascading effect that can ruin your whole roof.

Why take the chance? Get Your Roof Inspected Today.

A roof inspection leads to early discovery of roof problems; it allows you to maintain your capital asset, and you provide protection to the people who work and visit your building. You save money in the long run, because we spot issues before they cause major, expensive harm. Roof maintenance is pro-active, not reactive.

Here are the top five thing a regular inspection of your roof will accomplish:

Look, even the best roofs in the world will deteriorate with age; from bad weather, settling of the building, contraction and expansion in temperature extremes, and improper installation to begin with. In fact, in one industry report alone it was reported that over 80% of roofs are installed incorrectly.

A roof inspection by one of our highly-trained and highly-experienced inspectors will determine if you have the right design of roof for your building and conditions. The inspector will then record and document all of their findings, and they report to you their conclusions and recommendations. In fact, in many instances, our inspectors find that we can install an inexpensive roof barrier/coating system which can extend your roof life by over a decade… saving you tens of thousands of dollars.

Here is a brief outline of what is inspected and assessed on any commercial, industrial, municipal or institutional (church, school etc) building. It is also what we keep on top of when we perform a regular maintenance schedule.

In any exterior roof inspection, we will confirm the condition of:

On your interior we rule out:

Regular Roof inspections are part of a money-saving roof maintenance program, call 806-385-6761 now to schedule your complete roof evaluation.