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Don't Get Fooled Into Buying A Roof You Don't Need.

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Commercial Roofing Repair

Here is a sobering statistic: According to the National Roofing Contractors Association (of which we are a member) and Clemson University, over 80% of roofs are installed incorrectly!

Now the reason this is so important is that these bad installations cause all kinds of problems. But many of these problems can be fixed with a simple roof repair. However, many unscrupulous (or inexperienced) "roofers" are more than happy to sell you a replacement roof you don't need.

That's where Fortenberry Roofing is completely different. Before we pick up a single hammer or nail, we perform a thorough inspection of your roof and the inside of your building. Then we will sit down with you, show you our discoveries, and tell you the God's honest truth—in fact, we'll be the first ones to tell you if all you need is a simple roof repair.

At Fortenberry Roofing, we will NEVER sell you a roof you don't need… PERIOD.

Heck, just last year alone we had 9 business owners who were told by commercial roofing contractors in Lubbock, that they needed a new roof. But when we checked, a simple roof repair was all they needed. In fact, out of the 9 roof repairs in Lubbock that we performed, only 2 needed minor repairs. The other 7 roofs we installed are exclusive roof coating and extended the existing roof life by at least 10 years!

In short, we saved those small business owners over $117,000 in unneeded roof replacements.

Bottom Line: Don't get sold on a roof you don't need. Call Fortenberry Roofing today.