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Here Are The Top 5 Items Any Roofing Contractor in West Texas
MUST Provide You.

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In today’s day and age, it's far too easy for less than reputable contractors to close up shop and just reopen their business using a different name. And just about anybody can find a few people who are willing to say nice things about them—or worse, they can pay someone to do it. Did you know there are actual companies online that you can hire to write fake reviews and testimonials? In fact, there were several articles written about this very subject in Forbes. That is why it is so critical for you, as a homeowner, to perform your due diligence.

Three references and an active business license just aren't good enough anymore.

Any commercial or residential roofing contractor in Littlefield, Lubbock, Plainview, (or anywhere else for that matter) should ALWAYS be willing to provide you the following:

A Contractor Standards Guide

The harsh reality is that industry standards just aren’t good enough. If they were, do you think that home improvement would be one of the most complained about industries? A contractor should always provide you with a copy of the standards they hold themselves to. You can find ours right here.

A "REAL" List Of References

A roofing contractor (or any home improvement contractor for that matter) should always provide you with a list of references. But here is the major difference between a contractor you can trust and one you can't: The references they provide shouldn’t be just recent clients. Most problems with construction and home improvements don't manifest themselves until after a few years. So make sure you get a list of customers that have been around for a while and make sure you call them. Second, you should be given a list of as many references as you need to feel comfortable. Far too many contractors have a pre-printed list of hand-selected references. Always ask for more. Want a list of our past clients – just click here.

Copies Of Critical Documents

A contractor should provide you with a copy of an active – in good standing – license. A copy of their current insurance, a banker’s certification letter, and letters of good standing from suppliers. You can find ours right here.

Copies Of Awards & Accolades

A contractor should be involved in trade associations and peer type organizations. They should always be trying to improve and hone their craft. Always find out what a contractors peer groups are saying about them. You can view our awards, accolades and recognition right here.

"REAL" Testimonials

Be careful, just about anybody can fake a testimonial. What you want are handwritten and signed testimonials. We have paper copies of all testimonials we publish on our site. Just let us know if you want to see them. You can read our clients testimonials right here.