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Radiant Barrier Systems… Today's Modern Science Answer
For An Age-Old Problem.

Radiant Barrier Systems Will Save You Money &
A Ton Of Aggravation.

Let me ask you a question: how often do you have to replace your roof?

Or better yet… do you find yourself always too hot or too cold in your home and constantly having to adjust the thermostat?

They're serious questions – and ones that you really need to spend some time thinking about. Because failing to do so is probably costing you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.

You see, roofing is extraordinarily complex. It's an intricate set of individual components that must be engineered to work together as a complete system. If even one component fails, the entire system fails.

So let’s put on our lab coats on for a moment and look at how heat or cold gets inside your home.

Heat always moves toward cold. It's the second law of Thermodynamics. In other words, if it’s hot outside, the heat is constantly trying to get into your house, and if it’s cold outside, the heat is ALWAYS trying to escape. One of the most efficient ways for the heat to move is through your roof and, by direct correlation, through your attic.

Now most homeowners never realize they have a problem because they never really think about their roof or their attic. In fact, most homeowners only think about their roof when there is a problem. They simply see their roof is failing and call a "roofer" to come replace or repair their roof.

But most roofers practically NEVER check the attic. They are just entirely too happy selling you a roof you don't need. While some homeowners keep replacing their roofs needlessly, others think that simply blowing in more insulation is the answer, but that just traps the heat.

You can replace your roof as many times as you want, or put in as much insulation as you want, but you're are simply treating the symptom and not the problem.

After decades in this industry, if we've learned anything, we've learned that you need to reflect the heat away from your home in the summer, and reflect the heat back into your home in the winter… and a radiant barrier is today's modern science answer.

Just take a look at this image:

Residential Roofing Barrier

As you can see, a radiant barrier system acts like, well, a barrier. It keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter and protects your roof from hot spots.

Case in point, look at the temperature of an untreated roof deck, and then take a look at the same roof deck protected by a radiant barrier system:

Residential Roofing Barrier

That is a 69-degree difference. And that will make a huge difference on your energy bills and your roofs lifespan. It means you spend less money on your energy bills and prevent premature failure of your roofing system. Long story short, you save money… PERIOD.

So before you spend another penny on your roof, call us. We'll be happy to come to your home and perform a complete and thorough inspection of your attic and your roof…


By calling Fortenberry Roofing, you have the potential to save thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. Don't trust your home—or your wallet—to anyone else. Call Fortenberry Roofing today.