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Contrary To Popular Belief – Not All Siding Is Created Equal.


With The Right Siding You Can:

There are literally hundreds of siding products on the market today: stucco siding, stone siding, fiber siding, vinyl siding, foam backed siding, clap siding, and the list goes on. What kind of siding should you put on your house—do you go with the cheapest product? Or do you splurge for a more expensive, but longer-lasting solution?

It really depends on the situation—don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

For example, did you know that according to Remodeling Magazines 2014 Cost v. Value report, vinyl siding only recoups about 73% of its value on a re-sale? By comparison, according to the same report, fiber-cement siding can recoup about 82% of its cost. The problem: fiber-cement siding is a little more expensive than vinyl. But, fiber-cement siding is also more fire resistant, more resistant to damage and color fading, and can literally last a lifetime. In fact, many of your higher end fiber cement boards have warranties for 50 years or more. So if you are planning on staying in your home for more than 12 to 15 years, it might be fiber-cement siding might be worth the extra expense.

What about if you want to save money on your energy bills? Then maybe a foam backed insulated siding would be best – especially if you want some protection from West Texas winters.

Here is just a short glimpse of a few of the options you have:

Siding Siding

Bottom Line: Call us today and let us help you figure out what works best for you – Don’t get sold on a product you don’t want and don’t need

One more thing: regardless of the type of siding you ultimately choose, the installation is critically important. Why? Because Siding is a complex system that MUST be installed with a meticulous attention to detail. Even a mistake as little as 1/16th of an inch can result in disaster. Believe me, if water gets behind your siding, the resulting water damage, mold, and rot will cost you tens of thousands to repair.

That is why our siding installations are inspected not once, but twice. When we’re done – it’s perfect.

Bottom Line: Even the best products in the world will fail if they are not installed correctly. Don’t trust your home (or your wallet) to just anyone. Call Fortenbery Roofing today.