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Even The Best Products In The World Will Fail If They're
Not Installed Correctly.

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Did you know that over 80% of a roofing system is installed where you can't see it? Once the top layer of a roof goes on, how would you ever know what kind of work was done? Just take a look at the picture below to get an idea of just how complicated a roofing system actually is.

Our Quality

So how would you know if your roofer replaced rotted decking/sheathing when required? Or that he used the manufacturers required six nails instead of four? Or what type of underlayment was used?

Just how big of a problem is shoddy workmanship? Well according to a report published by the National Roofing Contractors Association in partnership with Clemson University, over 80% of the roofs that were inspected were installed incorrectly. Here is an actual excerpt from that study:

"Maintaining a watertight roofing system is critical to preventing damage in high wind and heavy rain events like hurricanes. The most common roofing material for houses in many areas of the country is the “three-tab” asphalt shingle.

Even though winds in hurricanes Bertha and Fran were well below expected design speeds, shingle damage was widespread and frequently severe, resulting in interior water damage.

Field investigations concluded that damage was caused by inadequate workmanship, standards and design.

Some shingles were not installed properly, according to the manufacturers recommendations. For example, often shingles were attached with too few and/or improperly positioned nails."

Please understand, I am not trying to scare you…I'm trying to warn you. It is simply far too easy for less than reputable contractors to hide shoddy work and to cut corners in order to pad their profits. To make matters even worse, you don't even need a license to be a roofer in West Texas. And if your roof was damaged in a storm, your insurance company could legally deny your claim because your roof was installed incorrectly.

Simply stated you really, really have to trust your roofer.

That's why your friends, neighbors, and family all choose Fortenberry Roofing for their home and business improvement projects. They know that we pay our installation crews better than most, that we use only the absolute best products and hardware, and that we install them to absolute perfection.

Bottom Line: Bottom Line: Don't trust your roof—or your home or business—to just anyone. Call Fortenberry Roofing today. No one, and I mean no one, does more or does it better than we do. You won't just like your new roof…you'll love it. And that's a promise.