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Before and After Pictures from Slaton
Blown- in Insulation needed in- Slaton, Tx

Blown- in Insulation needed in- Slaton, Tx

Before After
Blown- in Insulation needed in- Slaton, Tx Blown- in Insulation needed in- Slaton, Tx

Mr. Kirk A. contacted Fortenberry Roofing regarding his home, not keeping the heat and cool temperatures needed in his home, and his electricity bills were extremely high. Fortenberry Roofing Forman Miguel scheduled a free quote to inspect the home. Mr. A. was in dire need of some insulation.  Miguel sat with Mr. A. and went over all his needs for his attic.  Fortenberry Roofing Installed 10in or More Blown- In Cellulose Insulation. Vacuuming out all old blown-in insulation.  While air sealing the complete attic.


Mr. Kirk was extremely satisfied with the job that Fortenberry Provided to ensure his home was in the best interest of his family's needs.

Shingle Roof Replacement Updates Look of Home in Slaton, TX

Shingle Roof Replacement Updates Look of Home in Slaton, TX

Before After
Shingle Roof Replacement Updates Look of Home in Slaton, TX Shingle Roof Replacement Updates Look of Home in Slaton, TX

In the Market

Before this house was put on the market the homeowner wanted to make a few updates to the property. He was able to get in touch with Fortenberry Roofing to get a free estimate on how much a full roof replacement would cost. The homeowner was satisfied with the proposal and decided to hire Fortenberry Roofing to provide a new roof for his home to be in tip-top shape to be sold. The shingles that were chosen were GAF Timberline HD laminated shingles in the color Weathered Wood. When all was said and done, the homeowner was satisfied and ready to move forward with the selling of his property, and Fortenberry Roofing was able to turn out another beautiful roof, adding to their list of successes!

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Fortenberry Roofing is Slaton, TX’s trusted provider for all things roofing. From minor roof repairs to entire roof replacements, our professionals will have your roof back to its former glory in no time. Our reliable roofers understand the importance of a beautiful, durable roof, so they work tirelessly to ensure that your roof is damage-free and lasts for years to come!

Are you looking for a trustworthy, efficient roofing contractor who will put you and your unique needs first? Look no further than Fortenberry Roofing. Our skilled team will craft a strong, durable roof that will keep you and your family protected. We proudly serve Slaton, TX and beyond in Lubbock County. Contact us today at 1-844-701-0599 or complete the provided form to schedule your free roofing estimate!

Roof replacement experts serving Slaton, TX

Is your roof old, outdated, or severely damaged due to a recent storm? It might be time for you to consider a roof replacement. Depending on the damage and condition of your roof, a roof replacement might be the most productive, cost-effective solution for you. Not only will a roof replacement enhance the beauty of your home, but it will also potentially increase the value and curb appeal of your home. Fortunately, Fortenberry Roofing excels at roof replacements. Check out our high-quality roof replacement procedure:

  1. Seal: We install a waterproof barrier beneath shingles that will stop water from seeping into the home. This will prevent moisture damage, mold, and wood rot.
  2. Defend: We then install a durable and beautiful layer of asphalt shingles that lock together to provide superior defense against harsh storms, wind, hail, and more.
  3. Breathe: After we install shingles, we ensure the attic maintains healthy temperatures with ridge vents and other types of roof ventilation.

Hail damage repair in Slaton

At Fortenberry Roofing, we also offer hail damage repair for your Slaton home. Your roof can experience severe damage following a hail storm, from missing and damaged shingles to roof leaks and interior water damage to your walls and ceilings. That's the last thing you need! Not sure if you have roof hail damage? Contact Fortenberry Roofing today to inspect your entire roof and recommend the appropriate solutions for your unique needs.

Types of hail damage:

  1. Damaged granules. Your shingles are your first defense against the elements. If the roof loses granules, the asphalt coating made to protect the shingle, your home will be vulnerable to costly damage.
  2. Broken and missing shingles. Asphalt shingles can crack and break off during a hailstorm. Damage can also be hidden underneath shingles. Once a shingle is damaged or missing, the underlayment of your roof is exposed.
  3. Damaged fiberglass mat. Exposed and damaged fiberglass mats underneath shingles make your entire roofing system — and therefore your home — vulnerable to the elements. It often takes a trained roofer to identify an exposed or damaged fiberglass mat, so call Fortenberry Roofing today!

No matter what kind of hail damage your roof has sustained, Fortenberry Roofing can help with our expert hail damage repair services. Give us a call to schedule a free roof inspection in Slaton and nearby!

Reliable seamless gutter installations & gutter guards

Does your home have issues with clogged, sagging, or leaking gutters? Gutters are an essential part of your home's water management system - and if you have a damaged system, then your roof, foundation, siding, landscaping, and other areas of the property are left vulnerable to costly water damage. Damaged gutters also bring down the value and curb appeal of your home.

But there is no reason to worry. Fortenberry Roofing is your trusted gutter installation professional, providing seamless aluminum gutters, gutter guards, and gutter cleaning services. Our gutter system comes in many colors and is customized to suit any style. Plus, with RainDrop gutter guards, you won't need to worry about leaves, twigs, pine needles, or other debris clogging the system. Lastly, our downspouts and extensions carry runoff away from the property, so you won't have to worry about foundation water damage.

Wondering if you are in need of a roof replacement? Give Fortenberry Roofing a call today at 1-844-701-0599 to schedule your free roofing estimate or to learn more about our services. We are thrilled to serve Slaton, TX and areas nearby in Lubbock County.

Job Stories From Slaton, TX
Free Estimate Given in Slaton, TX

       James was thinking about getting a roof replacement. He wasn't quite sure if he wanted to get it fully replaced, but he still wanted a professional opinion about it. He went online to search for a roofing company nearby and Fortenberry Roofing was near the top of the page, so he gave them a call. James asked about an estimate and Fortenberry Roofing was able to work with him to set up a good time for them to go out to inspect his roof for a free re-roof replacement. Once the date was set for an appointment, Fortenberry Roofing went out to inspect James' roof, giving him a few quotes that very same day. James was thankful to have worked with a company that was willing to help him out even if he was just looking at options. Now he is prepared for when he is ready to get his roof replaced, and Fortenberry Roofing will be there to help him when he is!

Overhang on Flat Roof Replaced in Slaton, TX

       A homeowner in Slaton was in need of repairs to an area of his flat roof. The overhang of the roof was beginning to sag because water had been getting under the material of the roof due to improper installation of the drip edge. The overhang had severe water damage and was most likely going to need to be replaced.

       He chose to hire Fortenberry Roofing to make sure the repairs were taken care of correctly. Fortenberry gave him a free estimate, and they gave him multiple options that would be repaired, and one that would be a full overhang replacement. This replacement would put a stop to any further issues being caused by the improperly installed drip edge. The homeowner decided it was best to replace and correct the entire overhang to ensure no further damage from occurring. It was best to take care of the whole problem to reduce the need for repairs in the future.

       When Fortenberry Roofing's team began the tear-off process, they saw that the decking was worn out and beginning to mold due to all of the water that was entering the roof. This is why it was sagging! The repair team removed the entire overhang and installed fresh wood as the base of the overhang. Fortenberry Roofing was able to construct a completely new overhang and installed a new drip edge that would serve its purpose in the correct way.  

       The homeowner was well pleased with the service and the final outcome of his new overhang. Thanks to Fortenberry Roofing this home is safer and the sag in the roof is gone.

Overhang on Flat Roof Replaced in Slaton, TX - Photo 1Overhang on Flat Roof Replaced in Slaton, TX - Photo 2
Gutter Downspout Installation in Slaton, TX

       Phillip in Slaton TX, wanted a downspout installed in the gutters of his mother's home. He had been in contact with Fortenberry Roofing about previous services they had provided for him, so he called them for help once again. Fortenberry Roofing was easily able to add a downspout in a color matching the existing gutters. Even though a downspout install is fairly simple, Fortenberry Roofing was glad to help out Phillip and his mother!

Gutter Downspout Installation in Slaton, TX - Photo 1Gutter Downspout Installation in Slaton, TX - Photo 2
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