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Ridge Shingle Repair in Enochs, TX

Ridge Shingle Repair in Enochs, TX

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Ridge Shingle Repair in Enochs, TX Ridge Shingle Repair in Enochs, TX

Ridge Repaired

From full commercial roof replacements of business buildings to simple shingle repairs on residential properties, Fortenberry Roofing is always glad to help with any roofing need. Here, a homeowner was in need of a simple ridge repair. Fortenberry Roofing was able to get the correct color shingles that matched the existing ones and install them in an efficient manner. 

Enochs's Professional Residential Roofing Replacement Contractor

Enochs, TX’s go-to roofing contractor

Fortenberry Roofing is Enochs, TX’s trusted provider for all things roofing. From minor roof repairs to entire roof replacements, our professionals will have your roof back to its former glory in no time. Our reliable roofers understand the importance of a beautiful, durable roof, so they work tirelessly to ensure that your roof is damage-free and lasts for years to come!

Are you looking for a trustworthy, efficient roofing contractor who will put you and your unique needs first? Look no further than Fortenberry Roofing. Our skilled team will craft a strong, durable roof that will keep you and your family protected. We proudly serve Enochs, TX and beyond in Bailey County. Contact us today at 1-844-701-0599 or complete the provided form to schedule your free roofing estimate!

Roof replacement experts serving Enochs, TX

Is your roof old, outdated, or severely damaged due to a recent storm? It might be time for you to consider a roof replacement. Depending on the damage and condition of your roof, a roof replacement might be the most productive, cost-effective solution for you. Not only will a roof replacement enhance the beauty of your home, but it will also potentially increase the value and curb appeal of your home. Fortunately, Fortenberry Roofing excels at roof replacements. Check out our high-quality roof replacement procedure:

  1. Seal: We install a waterproof barrier beneath shingles that will stop water from seeping into the home. This will prevent moisture damage, mold, and wood rot.
  2. Defend: We then install a durable and beautiful layer of asphalt shingles that lock together to provide superior defense against harsh storms, wind, hail, and more.
  3. Breathe: After we install shingles, we ensure the attic maintains healthy temperatures with ridge vents and other types of roof ventilation.

Reliable seamless gutter installations & gutter guards

Does your home have issues with clogged, sagging, or leaking gutters? Gutters are an essential part of your home's water management system - and if you have a damaged system, then your roof, foundation, siding, landscaping, and other areas of the property are left vulnerable to costly water damage. Damaged gutters also bring down the value and curb appeal of your home.

But there is no reason to worry. Fortenberry Roofing is your trusted gutter installation professional, providing seamless aluminum gutters, gutter guards, and gutter cleaning services. Our gutter system comes in many colors and is customized to suit any style. Plus, with RainDrop gutter guards, you won't need to worry about leaves, twigs, pine needles, or other debris clogging the system. Lastly, our downspouts and extensions carry runoff away from the property, so you won't have to worry about foundation water damage.

Wondering if you are in need of a roof replacement? Give Fortenberry Roofing a call today at 1-844-701-0599 to schedule your free roofing estimate or to learn more about our services. We are thrilled to serve Enochs, TX and areas nearby in Bailey County.

Job Stories From Enochs, TX
Expert Opinion Given for Metal Roof Replacement in Enochs, TX

       Ramon and Martha who live in Enochs, TX were interested in getting a full roof replacement of their metal roof for a more modern and updated look. When they got connected with Fortenberry Roofing, they communicated to them their wants and needs regarding the possible roof replacement. An appointment for a free estimate was set up at a time that best fit Ramon and Martha's schedule. Once the appointment date came, Fortenberry Roofing sent out a technician for a professional and quality inspection. Once the inspection was complete the technician was able to give Ramon and Martha a few options to choose from for a new metal roof for their home. Ramon and Martha were grateful for the swift and quality response that was given by Fortenberry Roofing.

Asphalt Shingles to Metal Roof estimate in Enochs, TX

       There are many times when clients would like a quote for a roof replacement from the asphalt shingles they have to a new set of shingles, or from the existing metal roof they have a new metal roof. But there are times when a client wants something totally different from what they have, from asphalt shingles to metal, or vice versa. In Enochs, TX, there was a homeowner who was interested in something different. He wanted some options about going from a fully shingled roof to a full metal roof. After some research, he was able to get in contact with Fortenberry Roofing who gave him a free estimate on a re-roof and talked him through some options. No matter what option he decided to go with, metal or shingles, Fortenberry Roofing was going to be there to be able to help him out with quality service!

Professional Shingle Repair Estimate Given in Enochs, TX

       Due to the regular high winds in Enochs, TX, a residential roof had lost multiple shingles in a few different areas. The homeowner contacted Fortenberry Roofing and set up an appointment for a free estimate on a shingle repair. The homeowner respected and agreed with the opinion given by Fortenberry Roofing's technician, ultimately leading the homeowner to choose them as his contractor for the shingle repair on his home. 

Straightforward Shingle Repair in Enochs, TX

       Jacen's roof had exposed nails due to a few missing shingles on its ridge due to the high winds of West Texas. After he called and got a free estimate from Fortenberry Roofing, they were able to provide the necessary repairs he needed to the ridge of his house to make it whole once again.

Straightforward Shingle Repair in Enochs, TX - Photo 1
Free Insulation Estimate Given in Enochs, TX

       A homeowner in Enochs, TX wanted to explore some options for a future installment of insulation to his home so he got in contact with Michael from Fortenberry Roofing to get a professional opinion. Michael gave him 2 options for insulation with the free estimate. Now, when this homeowner is ready to prepare for the cooler months, he has a few great options to choose from and Fortenberry Roofing will be ready to help him with his home's insulation needs!

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