Fiber Cement Siding Vs THE TERMITE

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018 by Michael Fortenberry

Imagine, for a moment, a home from the future. This home would not only be beautiful, but it would be equipped with all of the technology of the time. Because of this technology, it’s roof would never leak. The floors in this magnificent home would never need to be swept, and you would never see a termite one in its walls. Wouldn’t that be a wonder?

Fiber Cement Siding Vs THE TERMITE

Fast forward to the present day, where our roofs get leaky, and our floors always seem to need sweeping. But there is one of these futuristic possibilities that could be a reality in your home today. Termite infestations could be a thing of the past. Imagine again, no longer having to worry about wood damage and thousands of dollars worth of repairs. Imagine a siding that kept termites away. It seems almost magical. Well, it’s not if you choose fiber cement siding for your home in Lamb County, TX.

What Is Cement Siding?

Fiber cement siding consists of a mixture of sand, silica, Portland cement, and cellulose fibers. When these are mixed, they create a durable, versatile (almost futuristic) material. It is fire-resistant, water-resistant, and low-maintenance. With all of these qualities, it’s already becoming a popular siding choice among homeowners, but back to the termites…

No Draw To Termites

First of all, cement siding contains no ingredients in the mixture that would attract termites in the first place. Termites gravitate toward wood and recycle it into the soil. While there are many uses for these little creatures, tearing down homes is not one of them that’s appreciated.

Extra Protection

Secondly, because the termites are not drawn to your home, everything in it is protected from them as well. With wood siding, moisture will eventually work its way in exposing the untreated wood and inviting termites to reside there and do their damage. Cement siding is sealed, making it moisture resistant, so you don’t have to worry about upkeep or eventual breakdown.

Real Wood Feel, No Downside

Maybe you think you love the look of real wood siding and can’t give that up. Oh, but you don’t have to! You see, cement siding is special. It can be molded and shaped into various styles, including the look and feel of real wood. It can be stained and painted and still has the exceptional curb appeal of wood siding. Imagine again; real wood siding looks with the futuristic-like qualities of insect, fire, and water resistance.

Other Notable Qualities

Now, you know that cement siding doesn’t rot, but it also doesn’t warp like wood, either. It holds its shape and is dent-resistant, unlike vinyl siding. Have you ever gotten your bbq grill a little too close to vinyl siding? It melts and buckles with the heat. Cement siding can take extended exposure to consistently high temperatures without damage.

The Environmentally-Friendly Choice

There is another way to rid your home of termites, and that is by hiring an exterminator. Exterminators can spray your home and detour bugs away from it. This process will have to be repeated periodically and involves the use of harsh chemicals. Using cement siding means that termites won’t be an issue. No termites mean no exterminators and no harsh chemicals that are released into the environment. Termites are no match for cement siding. Make this durable, protective, and versatile siding the choice for your home. Fortenberry Roofing Co. in Lamb County, TX, knows everything about cement siding installation. Call us today for a consultation. Please don’t call us about termites, though. We never see those.

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