Maintaining Your Rain Gutters: The Winter Checklist

Saturday, January 20th, 2018 by Michael Fortenberry

Rain gutters are probably the most overlooked essential to your home’s well-being, and yet their job is one of the most crucial. Rain gutters that are in tiptop shape can literally add years to the life of your home and save you thousands of dollars in repairs. Rain gutters that need repair or replacement are not preventing the damage that may occur.

Maintaining Your Rain Gutters The Winter Checklist

Many of the homes in Lamb County, TX, need rain gutter installation and repair this winter, and the owners aren’t even aware that a destructive problem exists. Rain gutters need to be inspected for issues that aren’t always visible from the ground. Well-maintained rain gutters prevent downpours and puddles that form near the foundation that can cause extensive and costly damage. Seamless gutters can also prevent peeling paint and mold issues common in the Littlefield, TX area. It would help if you inspected your gutters before each season to prevent serious issues later. This checklist will let you know if your rain gutters are in good condition to make it through the winter.

  1. MAKE SURE GUTTERS ARE CLEAN OF DEBRIS Gutters that are cluttered with leaves and twigs can become blocked with ice and snow. These blockages can cause further damage and other problems. Working with ice, especially on the second story of your house, can be dangerous. If you notice a blockage that is causing problems in the winter months, it is best to call a professional rain gutter installation company in Lamb County, TX.
  2. INSPECT DOWNSPOUTS AND DIVERTERS As the rain gutters collect water, it is taken through the downspouts and diverters and finally to the ground. The gutters are doing an essential job. They are diverting the water away from where it can damage and redirect it to a place where it can safely runoff. Water should be directed away from the house, at least ten feet, to prevent it from running directly toward the foundation and puddling there. Water that puddles near the foundation can cause instability of the foundation and, eventually, permanent damage.
  3. INSPECT GUTTER SEAMS FOR GAPS Gutters are meant to be seamless and leak proof. No water should seep out anywhere other than the ends of the rain gutters where it is diverting the water. Check for any gaps in the seams of the gutters. No gaps should be apparent between the fascia and the gutter either.


If you complete the checklist and you find that your rain gutters might need repair or even replacement, don’t trust your roof gutter installation in Littlefield, TX, to just anyone; let us here at Fortenberry Roofing Co. handle it. To schedule an appointment for a free quote, call us at 1-844-701-0599, or reach out to us through social media.

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