Little-Known Facts About Fiber Cement Siding

Friday, January 12th, 2018 by Michael Fortenberry

Fiber cement siding is growing rapidly in popularity in Lamb County, TX, and it's no wonder why. With the look and feel of wood or stone and a price comparable to vinyl siding, cement siding is the right choice for more and more homes in the area. It might even be the right choice for your home.

Little Known Facts About Fiber Cement Siding

While many people know that cement siding is durable and affordable, they may not realize some of the lesser-known beneficial qualities of owning a home with fiber cement siding.

Cement Siding Is Durable

Yes, cement siding is durable, among the most durable choices of siding. But did you know that it can last for over 50 years? If you're installing cement siding on your home, it will be the only siding you will ever install. Ever!

Cement Siding Is Water Resistant

While there are many reasons that cement siding is so durable, it's longevity can be attributed partly to its resistance to water. Water can be damaging to most siding materials causing them to wear and deteriorate over time. Cement siding is sealed, making it impervious to water.

Cement Siding Is Fire Resistant

While you have probably heard that cement siding is fire-resistant, did you know that it is fire-resistant for one hour and has a flame-spread rating of 0? This adds an extra level of security to your entire home, wrapping it in a blanket of fire protection unlike any other.

Cement Siding Doesn't Rot Or Warp

Unlike its rivals, wood, and vinyl, cement siding can't rot and doesn't warp. Wood siding is prone to rot when paint cracks or peels and the wood becomes saturated with moisture. This process is also what causes wood to warp and, inevitably, to need to be replaced. Cement siding is structurally and dimensionally stable, making it strong and long-lasting.

Termites Are No Match For Cement Siding

You would normally expect to deal with a few issues when owning any home that is simply non-existent if you install cement siding in Lamb County, TX. One of these common issues is termites. Not only is cement siding indestructible by termites, but it actually detours them from your home altogether because there is nothing in cement siding that draws them there. Cement siding also remains the victor when up against woodpeckers and a host of other critters.

Cement Siding Is Low-Maintenance

Cement siding doesn't fade or peel and is resistant to deterioration from salt and UV rays, making it a low-maintenance choice for your home. It is available in finished or painted options, which adds versatility to its prestigious list of achievements.

Proper Installation Is Crucial

If installed incorrectly, cement siding can cause a host of problems and issues with your home. Make sure that your contractor has experience in installing cement siding. The Fortenberry Roofing Co. is skilled in cement siding installation and will get the job done right.

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