Preparing Your Roof For Winter: A Cold Weather Checklist

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017 by Michael Fortenberry

Fall is finally here, which means pumpkin spice everything! And cooler temperatures, of course. Before the mercury drops any farther toward frigid, you need to winterize your roof. Save energy on your heating bill and prevent expensive emergency repairs by using this checklist.


Preparing Your Roof For Winter A Cold Weather Checklist

Trim Tree Limbs

Even seemingly strong branches can snap like twigs under the weight of snow and ice or during a strong wind storm. Stand back away from your home and determine which tree limbs could potentially damage your roof. Cut them yourself or hire a professional tree trimmer to do the job.

Clean Gutters

Falling leaves are beautiful, by the damage they can do in gutters is ugly. Your gutter system is integral to the integrity of your roof. Clogged gutters allow water to pool and penetrate roofing materials. If you hate cleaning gutters each fall, you can eliminate the need to do so by hiring Fortenberry Roofing Co., your trusted roofing contractors in Lamb County, TX, to install gutter guards.

Check Attic Insulation

Wet insulation means more than just a loss of energy efficiency. It can also degrade your entire roof, rusting roof fasteners and warping wood. Contact professional roofing contractors in Lamb County, TX, if you notice any moisture in your attic insulation.

Get A Roof Inspection

There are many subtle signs of roof damage that the untrained eye could miss. Experts scrutinize every aspect of your roof and know exactly what to look for, from splits and blisters in the membrane to mold and algae on the peak. Getting a professional roof inspection every fall and performing proper maintenance and minor repairs could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. For more information on winterizing your roof or schedule a roof inspection, contact the Fortenberry Roofing Co. team. We employ the best in the business.

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