Why Your Basement Cares About The State Of Your Rain Gutters

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 by Michael Fortenberry

Your roof serves as the shield protecting you and your family from the elements. Few understand, however, that it doesn't keep you safe and dry on its own. It also relies on complementary systems to help keep your house standing upright. Chief among these is your gutters, which is why when it comes time to replace them, you shouldn't turn to just any rain gutter installation company in Littlefield, TX. You need one that fully understands your gutter system's impact on your home's overall integrity.

Why Your Basement Cares About The State Of Your Rain Gutters

Troubles With Your Gutters Can Lead To Flooding In The Basement

Any problems occur in the installation and/or maintenance of your gutters, and you and your home will feel it. How? It may come in the form of tiny droplets of water hitting the top of your head while you're in bed or watching the game, but oftentimes, troubles with gutters result in flooding in your basement. Wait a minute: How can your gutters (which are on your roof) cause your basement to flood? It happens through the following process:

  • Rather than depositing water away from your home through a downspout, poorly installed or clogged gutters cause it to fall right next to your house and pool around the foundation.
  • This pooling causes the surrounding soil to become saturated, putting pressure on the side of your home. This, in turn, causes the lower walls and basement to push inward, forming cracks.
  • The accumulating water enters the foundation through these cracks, leading to mold and flooding in the basement.

The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to choose the right rain gutter installation company in Littlefield, TX, that will apply your gutters correctly in the first place and then perform routine maintenance services as time moves on.

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So it turns out that your gutters do more than serve as the foundation for decorative icicles during the winter. Given the important role they play in preventing Mother Nature from damaging your home, shouldn't you trust their care to the best rain gutter installation company in Littlefield, TX? Ask local homeowners, and they'll tell you that's us here at Fortenberry Roofing Co.. We take the performance of your roofing system personally. Let us show you how by calling us at 1-806-385-6761 to schedule a roofing consultation or hook up with us on social media.

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