Why Commercial Roofs Are Typically Flat

Thursday, May 31st, 2018 by Michael Fortenberry

Unlike the houses in most neighborhoods, commercial buildings typically have flat roofs. While this may seem like an aesthetic choice, the truth is that the lack of pitch provides several important benefits. Fortenberry Roofing Co. explains why your commercial roofing contractor is very likely to install a flat roof on a business building.

Why Commercial Roofs Are Typically Flat

Cost-Effective Measures

A flat roof has several advantages and one of them is its lower cost. This is because when you set up a steeper roof, it requires more protective measures and tools. High-pitched roofs or medium-pitched roofs, commonly found in residences, require more framing before they can be finished. On the other hand, flat roofs use fewer materials overall. Also, repairs are easier on flat roofs because they’re easier to walk on.

Space Efficient Alternative

Sometimes commercial roofing is done to add more space to a building. Unlike sloped roofs with limited attic space, you have another floor with your flat roof and can move around it without difficulty.

At the same time, you can leave important equipment on top without compromising the structure. For example, many buildings with flat roofs use the space to accommodate their air conditioning units. Otherwise, they would either need to install inside or on the side, which can cost more.

Slopes Are Ineffective 

From both an aesthetic and a practical point of view, commercial roofing cannot use sloped roofs. One reason is because of the size. While a shed or a two-story home is easy to cover with a sloped roof, the size of a large complex would require more framing and planning. Also, sloped roofs may violate height regulations for buildings.

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