Brand Focus: Why Choose Camelot(R) Lifetime Designer Shingles?

Monday, September 17th, 2018 by Michael Fortenberry

Fortenberry Roofing Co., the top local residential roofing contractor, will discuss a unique asphalt shingle that has the beauty and appeal of slate at only a fraction of the cost. GAF’s Camelot® Lifetime Designer Shingles for your home combines timeless beauty with uncompromising weather performance. Here are its features:

Brand Focus: Why Choose Camelot® Lifetime Designer Shingles?

Elegant Design and Beautiful Color Blends Camelot shingles have an ultra-dimensional, slate-like design that combines artisan-crafted shapes, oversized tabs and a thick, dimensional profile into one beautiful package. Your roof will look fantastic once we install these shingles. In addition, Camelot shingles feature premium color blends that allow them to match any color scheme, such as Royal Slate, Antique Slate and Majestic Navy. GAF designed these shades to capture the appearance of a real slate roof.

Innovative Components As an experienced residential roofing company, we recommend these shingles because of their great features. For example, they have UV Blocker granules that protect against damaging sunlight. Additionally, Color Lock™ Ceramic Firing granules maintain the shingles’ color while the Dura Grip™ adhesive reduces the risk of strong winds blowing the shingles off your roof. Its Diamond Cut™ granules also add depth and dimension because of their multifaceted construction and design. Lastly, the SpecSelect™ Grading System, Micro Weave™ Core, and FiberTech™ components enhance their durability.

Advanced Protection Technology Like all their other premium products, Camelot shingles come with GAF’s Advanced Protection® Shingle Technology. This means that this product has excellent granule adhesion, flexibility, wind resistance and toughness. Advanced Protection shingles have passed some of the roofing industry’s toughest wind resistance, durability and extreme temperature resistance tests. They also use less natural resources to manufacture and they are recyclable, making them environmentally friendly.

GAF’s Camelot roofing shingles can transform your home’s appearance and make it look more elegant and luxurious, making them a great choice for your roof replacement project. In addition to our excellent roofing products, we are also proud to offer our customers our Happy Neighbor Guarantee. In the event that you become unhappy with your roof, we will modify, repair, or replace your roof to your complete satisfaction. Few roofers can offer you this total peace of mind. Call us at 1-844-701-0599 to learn more about our services and products. We serve Littlefield and Hereford, TX.

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