4 Factors That Affect Roof Replacement Costs

Friday, November 16th, 2018 by Michael Fortenberry

Roof replacement is an important investment, and it’s one of the costlier home improvement projects a homeowner can undertake. Certain factors affect the cost and knowing these factors can help you save money without compromising your new roof's quality. Fortenberry Roofing Co. takes a look at these factors.

4 Factors That Affect Roof Replacement Costs

  1. Permits – Roof installation permits vary per state, city, or county. In fact, Littlefield, Hereford, and the surrounding areas have their own offices that issue construction permits. Note that permit costs also vary depending on the kind of roofing work to be done. The costs for a like-for-like replacement, change to a new roofing style, or upgrade to a different roofing material could differ. Fortunately, all the footwork for permit applications will be handled by the roofing contractor.

  2. Roof Deck Condition – Roofing and siding companies typically replace the roof while keeping the original roof deck intact. Assuming that the decking material is in good condition, it can be kept before it needs to be replaced. However, if the decking is damaged – which is usually caused by moisture, heat, or impact – it will have to be replaced, increasing the roof replacement cost. Note that unplanned repairs are usually not included in the contract price, so you should have an “emergency” fund, usually up to 20% of the quoted cost.

  3. Roof Protrusions – If your roof has protrusions such as exhaust pipes, chimneys, and dormers, as well as components such as skylights, roof replacement may cost more. These areas require flashing to protect the transition between roof and protrusion, which means more material requirements. Pipes and other small protrusions are protected using rubber boots, the cost of which can add up if you have several of them.

  4. Switching Between Different Roofing Types – Different roofing materials vary in cost, so you should choose a good balance between cost and materials. After a certain look but would like to save on roofing costs, consider products that mimic the roofing materials you really want. For example, GAF offers Glenwood® shingles that look like wood shakes, or Slateline®, which looks like real slate. It would help if you also kept in mind that changing the roof shape can increase the roof replacement cost. In addition to building a new roof structure and hiring insulation companies to install new insulation, a steeper roof slope means a bigger roof area, so more roofing materials are needed.

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