Tips for Choosing the Right Metal Roofing Color

Friday, November 23rd, 2018 by Michael Fortenberry

Metal roofing offers a wide selection of color options, which gives you more flexibility in choosing the exterior color palette exactly as you want it. Whether you’re planning a residential or a commercial roofing replacement, the following tips can help you choose the right roof color.

Tips for Choosing the Right Metal Roofing Color

TIP: Factor In the Existing Components

Unless you’re planning a complete exterior remodel, you should factor in your home’s existing components when choosing your roofing color. Start with the permanent components, such as brick and stone facades, as well as the landscaping. These components are more likely to outlast the roof, so it only makes sense to choose a color that fits them. Siding, trim, and the front door also count.

Commercial properties can be slightly different, as you may need to choose a color that fits with the company branding. Avoid choosing colors that match the rest of the building, as it will look bland, not to mention that finding the right shade that matches the building will take a lot more work than it’s worth.

TIP: Don’t Stray Too Much from the Building’s Style

If your home or commercial property is based on a specific architectural style, it only makes sense to choose traditional roofing colors as your starting point. Let’s take the Mediterranean or Spanish architecture as an example. One of the most prominent features of these styles is the use of red terracotta tiles. This means a metal roof of a similar shade of red won't look out of place. When planning the roof replacement with your residential or commercial roofing contractor, try varying the red shades and see if it works. In addition to standing-seam metal roofing, you should also consider stone-coated steel roofing for a more authentic look.

TIP: Consider Energy Efficiency Features

One of metal roofing’s greatest benefits is that, with the right roof color or coating, you can improve your property’s energy efficiency. Light-colored roofing tends to reflect sunlight and reduces the amount of heat absorbed through the roof. A cooler roof helps reduce indoor cooling requirements during hot days, resulting in energy savings. In addition to a white-colored or bare metal roof, reflective coatings can also be applied, giving you even more flexibility with your color selection.

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