Why Make Yearly Professional Roof Inspection a Habit?

Monday, January 21st, 2019 by Michael Fortenberry

In West Texas, getting your roof professionally inspected, even when nothing appears to be wrong, isn’t excessive. A routine checkup every 12 months is enough to stay on top of your roofing system’s condition and head off major leakages.

Why Make Yearly Professional Roof Inspection a Habit?

To help you appreciate the merits of preventive roof maintenance, Fortenberry Roofing talks about the key benefits of regular inspections:

Addressing Issues at Their Infancy

Reputable roofing and siding companies would tell you that discovering problems while they’re small matters. Tiny, seemingly negligible roof issues are only going to get worse, and they’re not going to fix themselves.

An experienced crew knows what to look for and how to assess the situation's gravity to make sound repair recommendations. When something needs to be fixed, the job would be relatively less costly and time-consuming.

Avoiding Unplanned Expenses

Scheduled inspections allow you to ready yourself financially for any necessary repair. Fortenberry Roofing understands that your roof warranty may not cover some issues, but at least you won’t be pressured to tackle them unprepared.

Moreover, timely repair can prevent premature roof replacement. If you can avoid this big-ticket project by spending a fraction of its cost every year for as long as possible, do so.

Increasing Roof Life

West Texas’s weather is tough on roofs. Still, the fact that you can add several years to yours by simply using an inexpensive coating system is a solution to natural deterioration. A roof barrier system acts as a sacrificial layer to protect the actual covering from the elements. When applied flawlessly, you can delay your roof’s retirement by more than a decade.

In addition to saving you money, preventive maintenance also spares you from the hassle of dealing with disruptive construction. Since typical asphalt-shingle roof installation takes about a week to complete, it’s wise to avoid dealing with such a nightmarish project unless it’s necessary.

As one of the top roofing and insulation companies in the region, you can rely on Fortenberry Roofing to keep your roof in good repair. To talk about your residential or commercial roofing needs, call us at 1-806-385-6761. You can also complete this form to get your no-pressure estimate in Hereford or Levelland, TX.

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