Top 4 Reasons for Roof Service Calls

Friday, November 8th, 2019 by Michael Fortenberry

Roofing contractors get called for more than just roof replacement and spot repairs Residential and commercial roof contractor Fortenberry Roofing shares the most common reasons behind roofing service calls.


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  1. Storm Damage — Storm damage is the top reason for urgent service calls. Time is a factor when dealing with storm damage, because the longer the roof remains unrepaired, the greater the risk of further damage. The damage to the roof needs to be properly documented for insurance claims, so a roofer has to see the full extent of the damage, document it and prepare a roof repair quote for the insurance provider.

  1. Missing Roofing Parts — Homeowners are advised to call a roofing professional if they find parts of their roof missing. A single piece of flashing may not look like much, but it protects critical parts of the roof and therefore needs to be repaired before it rains. Commercial roofing owners may likewise call for similar problems: missing flashing, fasteners, or rubber boots.

  1. Poor Attic Ventilation — Attic ventilation is an important but often overlooked part of a roofing system. Trapped heat and moisture needs to be vented out, otherwise, they would damage the roofing structure and insulation. Heat tends to rise, therefore the ridges need to have exhaust vents. Correspondingly sized intake vents at the soffits take in the fresh air. Homeowners often discover this seemingly-minor problem years after installation. Fortunately, such issues can be corrected after the fact. In some cases, electric or solar-powered fans may need to be installed if the attic requires increased airflow.

  1. Neglected Roofs — Most, if not all, of today’s roofs, require scheduled inspection and maintenance, otherwise the roofing warranty may be voided. We often get service calls where the homeowner has just realized this exclusion and needed their roof inspected to keep their warranty valid. To avoid such situations, make sure you keep up with required roofing inspections, which typically needs to be done every 3 to 5 years. Don’t do it for the sake of keeping an active warranty; do it because your roof will last longer, and won’t be as likely to get damaged.

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