The R-Value: Just How Valuable Is It?

Monday, November 25th, 2019 by Michael Fortenberry

Attic insulation is very important for every home. After all, not only does it aid your home in being energy efficient but it also keeps it comfortable no matter what season it is. When it comes to looking for suitable insulators for your home, on the other hand, you’ll most likely hear people tell you to look at its R-value. But what exactly is the R-value and how valuable is it?

In this post, Fortenberry Roofing reveals everything you need to know about the R-value and how valuable it really is.

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What Is the R-Value?

According to insulation companies, the R-value was created to measure an insulator’s thermal resistance to heat flow that’s offered by traditional insulation. It’s also said that when you’re looking for an insulator, make sure to get one that has a high R-value since the higher the number is, the better it will be at reducing energy loss around your home. In actuality, however, there are other things that you need to look at other than the R-value when you’re shopping for new insulators for your home.

How Valuable Is the R-Value?

The short answer to this question is surprisingly, not much. While it’s true that you should look at the R-value of an insulator, it doesn’t bring much in terms of controlling energy los. This is because an R-8 insulation already controls 90% of a material’s potential energy loss and getting an insulator with a higher R-value doesn’t do much for it any longer.

This is because the real issue is heat loss through air leakage, which causes around 40% of the total energy loss around your home. This means that regardless of your insulator’s R-value, not even the best insulator available on the market can control the air leakage in your home. Instead, you’ll need to get a professional to find the source of air leaks and seal them up to prevent heat loss through air leakage.

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