Why Delaying a Roof Replacement Is a Bad Idea

Friday, January 3rd, 2020 by Michael Fortenberry

The best way to resolve problems with an aging roof is to call your local residential roofing company and schedule a replacement. However, replacing a roof is no mean feat and many people are simply not prepared to shoulder one at a snap of a finger. Unfortunately, for an aging roof, delaying a replacement can also mean a whole slew of bigger and worse problems than what you have to begin with.

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Can you really put off a roof replacement indefinitely? How long can you wait before you book a roofer for a replacement? Let our experts at Fortenberry Roofing explain what could happen should you choose to delay this important project.

Water Everywhere

A leaking roof is already a huge problem to begin with. In fact, many people already scramble to book an appointment with their residential roofing contractor at the first sign of a leak. Magnify this problem a hundredfold and you will get the scale of a full-on roof failure. Water can penetrate the assembly, causing damage to the sheathing and rafters, and potentially risking a collapse. Water damage is one of the issues where the longer you wait before resolving it, the worse it becomes.

Health Problems

High moisture environments and the dark secluded space underneath a roof create the ideal environment for the spread of mold and mildew. While these may not cause any structural problems in your home, they can be a massive health risk to you and your family. It’s often more costly to deal with a mold infestation continuously than to simply bite the bullet on a replacement.

Loss of Value

Finally, a problematic roof adds nothing to your home but problems. It can even bring the value of your home down significantly. A good rule of thumb on roof replacement projects is to do it while your roof is still a good year or two away from the end of its life span or if you’re already experiencing frequent and multiple problems. Keep your roof in good condition with our professionals at Fortenberry Roofing, your leading local roofing company. Give us a call at 1-806-385-6761 or fill out our contact form to schedule an inspection and request a free estimate on a roof replacement today. We serve homeowners in Littlefield, Hereford, and nearby areas in TX.

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