The Right Type of Insulation for Your Attic

Friday, January 17th, 2020 by Michael Fortenberry

Attic insulation is often an underrated part of having a roofing system that many homeowners don’t pay too much attention to. However, it offers a lot of benefits to homes, particularly in keeping your energy efficiency optimized. Good insulation keeps heat and cold air indoors from escaping through the roof, saving you money on either your air conditioning, depending on the season.







If you’re new to the world of attic insulation, you might be overwhelmed by the many different types you can choose from. Not all insulating materials are created equal, and finding the right one for your home depends on many factors. Let our experts at Fortenberry Roofing give you a primer on properly insulating your attic and the types of materials that are best suited for your home.


Understanding R-Values


The Department of Energy uses R-values to measure how well insulation performs. Specifically, it’s a measurement of how readily a material allows heat to pass through it. Of course, insulation companies will often tell you their product is the best choice, but it’s always good to familiarize yourself with R-values and what they mean for your home. Remember, the higher the r-value is, the better it is at insulating your home. Talk to your local roofer to know what r-value is recommended for your climate.


Blanket Insulation


Blanket insulation comes in either batts or roll variants. These materials are pre-cut and sized to fit the spaces between most standard rafters. The cost of blanket insulation varies with its r-value and dimensions, but the most expensive ones typically rate up to 3.8 inefficiencies. For homes in Texas, this is well within the 3.0 to 3.8 recommended ratings.


Loose-Fill Insulation


Unlike batten or roll insulation, loose-fill is made from loose fiberglass or mineral fibers. This product is more expensive than blanket insulation, but it’s also more versatile. Its “loose-ness” allows it to fit in the attic, no matter what kind of roof replacement you might have.


Insulate your attic properly with the help of our professionals at Fortenberry Roofing. Give us a call at 1-806-385-6761 or fill out our contact form and get a free quote on attic insulation today. We serve homeowners in Hereford and Levelland as well as all nearby areas in TX.

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