What Should Be Included in a Roofing File?

Roofing records can sometimes take a back seat when it comes to the priorities of homeowners. However, experts highly recommend having a good roofing file as this would help you keep track of all vital information about your roof. 

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In this post, roof replacement expert Fortenberry Roofing lists the essential details that you should include in your roofing records.

Basic Roof Information

Start with basic information like the roof size, the types of penetrations and equipment and their location and other details pertaining to the inspection process. You should also include your roof plans as these usually come in handy during roof inspections.

Inspection Results

These will help you keep track of the repairs that your roof needs. They can also be helpful in satisfying your warranty terms. Take note that keeping a record of inspection results may require you to have a certain level of familiarity with inspection procedures.

Roofing Materials

You can ask the help of your residential roofing contractor in gathering information about your roofing materials. Typically, this includes information about the type of membrane, insulation, flashings, deck, and other roofing components. Make sure to keep the labels and manufacturer maintenance manuals of the roofing products as well.

Warranty Information

Ensure that the original paper copy of your roofing warranty is secure. You can also back it up digitally to give you a little bit more assurance. A few important details that you should note from your warranty include: who can work on the repairs of your roof, what revisions can be done without the need to consult with the manufacturer, and how often you should maintain your roof to comply with the warranty.

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