3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Gutters in Top Form

Usually overlooked but no less important, your gutter system works to keep your home dry and intact by directing rainwater away. And to ensure it continues its superior draining performance, proper cleaning and maintenance are crucial. One of the trusted roofing and insulation companies in the area, Fortenberry Roofing Co. details some of the steps you can take to prevent damage to your gutter system.

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1. Keep your gutters clean. Leaves and other loose debris can settle inside your gutters, creating blockages that hamper their draining ability. This results in rainwater backing up and flowing over the sides, exposing your home’s exterior and foundation to water damage. Fortunately, all you need to do to head off this problem is through regular gutter cleaning. You can even reduce the number of times you need to clean the system by cutting back any tree branches hanging over it. No debris buildup means no clogs--only rainwater running smoothly through the gutters and out the downspout.

2. Ensure the gutters are attached firmly to the fascia. Hailstorms may be few and far between in Texas, but it still pays to be prepared. Prevent hail damage to your gutters by making sure the brackets that keep them fastened to the fascia are in good shape. If not, replace them promptly. Any issues with loose or damaged brackets should be dealt with immediately so turn to a reliable gutter and roof replacement company like Fortenberry Roofing Co. for the necessary solution.

3. Consider having a gutter protection system installed. Gutter protection systems ensure that only water can enter your gutter system--everything else, like leaves and loose debris, are filtered out. This eliminates the potential for congestion and reduces the need for regular gutter cleaning. But first, you’ll want to check with your trusted local roofing and gutter expert if this is a viable option for your system.

Aside from installing quality attic insulation, Fortenberry Roofing Co can also handle your gutter needs. We’ll make sure your system is always in tip-top shape with our top-tier solutions. We serve the areas in and around Sudan and Muleshoe, TX. Call us today at 1-806-385-6761 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.

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