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Patio and Awning Repair in Plainview, Tx

Mrs. Bedford, a resident of Plainview, Texas, recently contacted Fortenberry Roofing Company to address a persistent issue with her old swamp cooler. The unit was leaking between the house and a new addition on her back porch. Lead technician Leo V. promptly scheduled a visit to assess the situation. 


Upon inspection, Leo decided to remove the unused swamp cooler unit altogether. He skillfully replaced the hole in the roof with fresh decking material, ensuring a seamless transition. To further fortify the area, synthetic felt was meticulously installed over the decking. Mrs. Bedford, being proactive, had provided her own shingles, which Leo expertly used to seal off the vulnerable section.


But that wasn't all. Mrs. Bedford also had concerns about her awning. Leo took action, removing up to two rows of shingles at the transition point. He then applied a self-adhered membrane between the flashing and the existing shingled roof. Finally, Leo installed new shingles, completing the repair with precision. 


Mrs. Bedford could now enjoy her porch without any worry of water leaking into the area. Her satisfaction was evident, as she expressed her gratitude for the thorough and efficient work carried out by Fortenberry Roofing Company.

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