Roof Dry Rot 101: What Every Homeowner Should Know

Even the highest quality roofing system will develop problems if it’s not maintained properly. One of these possible issues is dry rot, which can lead to a weakened roof structure when left unattended. But what exactly is dry rot, and how do you spot it on your roofing system? Your premier residential and commercial roofing contractor, Fortenberry Roofing Co. discusses more of it here.

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How Dry Rot Develops

Dry rot refers to invasive fungi that make its home in concealed, moist areas of your roofing system. It can develop when your attic doesn’t have enough ventilation. Because warm and moist air builds up in the space (instead of being expelled to let in cooler, fresher air), the resulting humidity settles into the wood elements of your roof, making them a breeding ground for dry rot. This fungus is so persistent that it can reproduce at a rate of more than five million spores per minute in just a few days. It can even lie dormant inside your attic until it’s exposed to moisture again.

How It Affects Your Roof

When not dealt with promptly, dry rot can weaken not only the roof structure but your home’s foundation, as well. That’s because this fungi breeds at a rapid pace--it will settle wherever there is moisture. Once dry rot compromises your roof’s structural integrity, the system will sag and eventually fail, prompting a replacement from your residential and commercial roofing company. What’s more, the presence of dry rot in your home indicates an abnormally high level of dampness and condensation, which can cause health problems. 

Where Dry Rot is Usually Found

It thrives in areas of your roof where there’s a water source. Check for damaged gutters, leaking pipes and clogged downpipes--if there are concentrated patches of orange-brown spore dust near them, that’s dry rot. In your attic space, look for discoloration, decay, and deep cracks in the wood components. Is the roof framework soft and damp to the touch? Does the wood crumble in your hand? All of these point to the presence of dry rot.

How Dry Rot is Dealt With

First, you need to trace the source or determine the cause of excessive moisture. This means having possible roof leaks patched and reducing humidity in the attic space by adding more ventilation. But these only stop the fungi from spreading--the wood affected by dry rot will remain damaged. You might need to have the roof structure repaired and reinforced to keep it intact. The simplest way to fix dry rot is to stop it from forming in the first place. Just turn to your dependable residential and commercial roofing company, Fortenberry Roofing Co. for high-quality inspection and maintenance services.

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