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Installation of Gutter Guards in Lubbock Tx

Water drainage issues?


Debbie D. Contacted Fortenberry Roofing for assistance with her gutter problem. Our Technician, Leo V. assessed the situation and discovered that the gutters were clogged with pine needles. Leo discussed the issue with Mrs. D. and provided a proposal for the necessary work.

Our team proceeded to clear and remove all the debris from the gutters. During the Assessment, it was determined that the gutters did not have sufficient clearance for proper water drainage. To address this problem our technicians added a gutter board to provide more clearance and installed gutter guards to prevent debris from entering again. 

Gutter Upgrade in Clovis, NM

     Spring is in the air and you know what they say, "April showers bring forth May flowers," well, here's hoping! Mr. Tom in Clovis gave Fortenberry Roofing a call for a free estimate on upgrading his gutters before the shower season starts.

     Gutters manage the downflow of water from your roof to designated areas below to prevent, mold, mildew, erosion and other water damage caused by runoff. Fortenberry Roofing offers three variations of gutter systems; K-Style, Half-Round, and Seamless Aluminum. All systems allow for downspouts, extensions and gutter guards based on your needs. 

     Mr. Tom chose the K-Style gutters with rain barrel water collectors for his home. This system will hold more water than a Half-Round system and will direct the flow of water to the designated barrel areas so it can be recycled. While K-Style gutters hold more water than Half-Round gutters, they can be harder to clean. That's why Fortenberry Roofing offers Rain Drop (R) Pro Gutter Guards to prevent clogging from debris.

     This homeowner was pleased with his results from the team at Fortenberry Roofing and will call on them again for future roofing needs.

Gutter Repalcement in Lubbock, TX

The homeowner needed a new roof and figured that replacing the gutters at the same time made sense. Why call another contractor to replace the gutter system? Fortenberry Roofing is more than capable of providing a high-quality Gutter System Installation.


Usually, a gutter system would need some type of guard that would lay on top of the gutters but in this situation, there isn't a tree in sight. There was no need to add a gutter guard to this gutter installation. 


Gary couldn't have been happier with the performance of Fortenberry Roofing and will recommend them to everyone he encounters. 



Gutter Installation in Fieldton, TX

Gutter System

On this residence, Fortenberry Roofing was able to successfully install a brand new gutter system to help protect the foundation and the surrounding areas of the home. During and after a storm, this system will direct water to proper disposal areas away from the home. For this property, the team used 64 ft. of 5 in. gutters and added 7 downspouts with wide mouth gutter outlets to the exterior of the house.

The homeowner was pleased and thankful for the quality of service Fortenberry Roofing was able to provide!

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