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Leo Vargas from Fortenberry Roofing

Leo Vargas: From Small-Town Beginnings to Rooftop Heights


Born and raised in a quaint California town, I, Leo Vargas, embarked on a journey that would take me from sun-kissed streets to the pinnacle of the roofing industry. With an open heart and an optimistic spirit, I’ve navigated life’s twists and turns, leaving my mark on every project I touch.


Early Days

My story begins in the heart of California, where the scent of orange blossoms danced in the air. As a young dreamer, I soaked up the golden rays, knowing that life had more in store for me beyond those familiar streets. Little did I realize that my path would lead me to heights even greater than the surrounding mountains.

Roofing Adventures

Nine years ago, I stepped into the world of roofing—a realm where craftsmanship meets the sky. From the ground up, I learned the art of repair, the precision of installation, and the satisfaction of a job well done. Each shingle I secured, each flashing I adjusted, carried with it a promise to shield homes and businesses from the elements.

Leading the Way

My professional journey wasn’t just about nails and asphalt—it was about leadership. I’ve spearheaded successful projects, guided teams through storms (both literal and metaphorical), and elevated our sales figures beyond the ordinary. The rooflines I’ve touched stand as silent witnesses to my dedication.


Fortenberry Roofing: A New Chapter

In October 2020, a fresh chapter unfolded. I joined the esteemed team at Fortenberry Roofing, bringing my wealth of experience and passion for excellence. Here, amidst the hum of hammers and the sweep of tarps, I found a home—a place where my skills could flourish and my commitment to quality could thrive.

The Great Outdoors

But life isn’t all about work. Oh no, my friend! The outdoors beckon, and I heed their call. Whether it’s scaling a ladder to inspect a ridge vent or racing across rugged trails, I find solace in the open air. And there’s Oso, my loyal canine companion, always by my side. Together, we explore, tails wagging, as if to say, “This world is ours.”

Off-Road Thrills and Tranquil Waters

When the sun sets on a productive day, I swap my work boots for adventure gear. Off-roading becomes my adrenaline rush—the engine’s roar, the mud-splattered tires—it’s freedom unbridled. And when I seek tranquility, I cast my line into cool waters. Fishing, like life, requires patience and a keen eye for opportunity.


So here I stand, Leo Vargas, a technician with a heart that beats for both asphalt and adventure. From the rooftops of Texas to the winding trails of California, I’ve woven my story—one repair, one sunrise, one wagging tail at a time. And as long as the wind whispers through the eaves, I’ll keep climbing, keep exploring, and keep leaving my mark on this vast canvas we call life.



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